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Parents want to know that their children’s school meals meet the nutrition standards:

A survey carried out by LACA & ParentPay has highlighted overwhelming support for the nutritional standards, with more than 90% of parents agreeing that schools should abide by these standards (whether state school or academy) and that an independent body should be used to monitor schools so that they meet the standards.


The Health Education Trust (HET) is the UK registered charity, formed to promote the development of health education for young people. Operated by independent professionals, HET is dedicated to initiating and supporting work with children and young adults to encourage the growth of healthy lifestyles.

HET aims to deliver practical, accurate and realistic advice and solutions on topical food, health and education issues and common sense approaches to government policies, allowing consumers free access to easy, simple solutions to achieving a healthy diet.

Exploring allergy policies in schools, colleges and universities:

HET is exploring the current practice & policy on food allergies in schools, colleges and universities. As part of this work BSc students from Bath Spa University are conducting surveys on behalf of HET as part of their final year Food & nutrition in practice module:

Autumn/Winter 2012:

Students completed 2 secondary school surveys of 40 schools across England.

Late 2013/early 2014:

Two further student surveys are planned for colleges and universities in the South West region. If you would like to verify the identity of the person calling your college or university in order to conduct the survey, please contact us and we will confirm.

Get involved:

If you have any queries about this project or would like to take part in this short survey or pilot work, please contact us.