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Parents want to know that their children’s school meals meet the nutrition standards:

A survey carried out by LACA & ParentPay has highlighted overwhelming support for the nutritional standards, with more than 90% of parents agreeing that schools should abide by these standards (whether state school or academy) and that an independent body should be used to monitor schools so that they meet the standards.

What do you think about nut bans in Secondary School?

posted by Karen
Friday, November 13, 2009

Do you think nut bans in secondary schools are the right approach to safeguarding those children with nut allergies? For more information on this topic, see HETs toolkit approach.

3 Responses to “What do you think about nut bans in Secondary School?”

  1. Linda Main says:

    I think nuts are a valuable part of the diet and could be managed in a secondary school. Perhaps a plan should be agreed involving all poarties including pupils who are allergic, the school council and parents, governors and teachers.

  2. TNT666 says:

    Nut bans are ridiculous, kids raised in nut free environments are living in an illusion. If their allergy is severe, they should develop experience in dealing with the presence of nuts in their surroundings.

    Nuts are an excellent source of protein and banning nuts may well be the ultimate hysteria campaign to promote animal protein over vegetable protein.

    I want my kids to bring nut snacks to school, they are so healthy.

    Allergic kids can just learn to not touch.

  3. Claire says:

    I believe that nuts should not be banned in secondary schools. This is because:
    1) Minimising risk should be about educating people to take appropriate risks and to learn what risks they can take.
    2) Peanuts (groundnuts) are not nuts, they are legumes. Perhaps it would be helpful to educate children which foods belong to which food ‘families’.

    Life carries 100% mortality. We will all die. The aim is to reduce the risk of untimely death.

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