Managing Medicines in Schools

Managing Medicines in Schools addresses the issues surrounding children’s medical needs in primary schools and how to deal with them.

Most children will have times when an illness or a condition will affect their participation in school. For some, it will cause little disruption, whilst for others it may cause regular or permanent limitation to their access to education.

Most children with medical needs are able to attend school regularly and, with proper support from school and family can take part in most normal school activities.

However, this needs careful planning by the school and an understanding from children and their families of the policy and procedures that the school is operating.
There is considerable confusion about how to manage all this and some understandable concern from governors, headteachers and teachers that they do not put either children or staff at risk.

A growing number of children need to take medicines while at school or need support because of special medical needs.

Yet in far too many schools and local education authorities, there is uncertainty and fear surrounding these issues. At best, this situation causes irritation, at worst, it could cost lives.

Managing Medicines in School
By Joe Harvey*

The book aims to help schools, children and their families work towards and establish an appropriate and safe framework for managing medicines in schools and supporting children with particular medical needs. It contains detailed guidance, a template for forming a whole school policy and advice relating to four of the most common conditions affecting primary-age school children -asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, and anaphylaxia.

Managing Medicines in School addresses concerns from governors, head teachers and school staff about the proper management of children with medical needs without putting staff or children at risk.

*Joe Harvey has spent his working life in education, as a teacher, school manager and Senior Advisor in health education to Birmingham LEA. He was responsible for Birmingham LEA’s pioneering policy of Medicines in Schools and was involved in developing the DfEE national guidance on which this book is based.

Managing Medicines in School was published in 1999 and since then additional regulations have been introduced. For an update please visit the DfES website

Managing Medicines in School remains a quality policy guide and is now available FREE as a pdf download file . To download, simply click on the book or click here

Adobe Reader is required to view these documents. For the latest accessible version, download free from Access Adobe.

Contents include:

- Legal and Educational Framework
– The School Policy
– Individual Health Care plans
– Common childhood conditions:
– Anaphylaxis
– Asthma
– Diabetes
– Epilepsy

The HET can supply tailor – made seminars/training days on Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs in Schools for health or education professionals anywhere in the UK. If you would like further information please contact Joe Harvey by e-mail or write to the address below.